VETERANS FIGHTING BREAST CANCER NEED HELP with vaccine research!  $34,500 was raised for this vaccine trial project!  Small donations add up too. In 2015 our individual donations ranged from $15 to $1,000.  Especially thank you for the large donations around the end of year, holiday season. Thank you!

Your donation online will be used directly to provide grants for breast cancer research and a breast cancer vaccine, mammograms to needy veterans and care, support, surgery and chemotherapy to those veterans with breast cancer. Give Hope to someone by your donation today!

Donations for Vets Fighting Breast Cancer are securely processed through PayPal and our corporation name, Help The Vets, Inc. also will be displayed on the Paypal page.  2.7% will be charged by PayPal for their processing fee and the balance of 97.3% will go to the Veterans Fighting Breast Cancer non-profit charity.  To avoid their 2.7% processing fee, please mail a check directly to Vets Fighting Breast Cancer, 1613 E. Livingston St., Orlando, FL 32803. (407) 376-7000.

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Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.

We are the proud beneficiaries of the March 7, 2015 Orlando Marathon, Half Marathon, 12 hour ultra Marathon and 5K!  Please visit their website to see what they are doing for us with their Marathon running race in Orlando!


US Congressman Webster (standing at attention, in white) met with our organization's President Paul Paulson at a fundraiser and pledged his support for Veteran Groups and Veterans Rights.  Congressman Webster is seeking a Congressional Charter for us.  Originally a Heating and Air Conditioning contractor, Webster knows what its like to do physical labor and make an honest living. He originally became active in local government over a zoning issue that prevented his church from getting a permit.  Webster ran for Congress only upon urging by his family and friends. Congressman Webster said "I am what I am today due to what other people have invested in my life."  

Help our vets and invest in the lives of Veterans Fighting Breast Cancer  who have given unselfishly of themselves for our country!  

US CONGRESSMAN JOHN MICA supports Veterans Fighting Breast Cancer

Congressman John Mica met with President and Director Neil Paulson on Veterans Day and thanked us for our work helping veterans with breast cancer.  Mica said, "Washington cannot support all of these awesome projects and private Veterans' Groups like yours with a large donor base can make a difference on research projects like the ones your group funds."  

Our Financial Auditors are Glickstein, Laval and Carris, CPAs at 220 E. Central Parkway, Suite 1040, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701.  Most of our work is done by Volunteers and we appreciate your help!  We also support projects of the American Disabled Veterans Foundation and Veterans Emergency Blood Bank and seek donations of blood for Emergency Rooms across the USA.

Lets get a vaccine
for breast cancer!